Sunday, October 21, 2012

Maria Lopez

Not to be confused with Mario Lopez
as she’s cooler than AC Slater
like an actual air conditioner,
has hair that comes in many different
hues and shades every time you see
her. She’s strong, stronger than most
and bolder than anyone I’ve ever known.
She’s the type of friend to call you
on your bullshit when she needs to
and pat you on the back when you
deserve it. She was the first person
I ever heard use the word polyamorous
and she was one of the first people
I knew to get seriously monogamous.
She makes someone I consider a great
friend, even if we don’t talk all the time
anymore, very happy. When I see them
together, it makes me very happy
because they both deserve it and it gives
me oceans of hope that I’m worthy
of that iron clad love and trust too.

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