Monday, November 28, 2011

the walls are bleeding again
and i am lonely nothingness,
personified absence. apathy
with a joint in its mouth,
calling in sick from life itself.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

freestyle keyboarding...

I'm a feminist misogynist who would like to have a tryst with the whole female populace, because when I bust my nut it's like calling forth the apocalypse.

If you don't like this then don't follow this.

So let's talk about what happens next, because hopefully it's sex. So let me break down what happens in the bedroom or the back of a Toyota. I'm going to bury my bone deeper than a raptor fossil found in South Dakota.

When you're with me, your orgasms are explosive, so call 'em the squirt locker. Have you writhing and moaning on the floor like a vocal from Joe Cocker. Because when I fuck, the pussy's the goal just like in soccer.

Does it offend you, yeah? You know what you can suck. Want me to write about the sensitive soul inside and when I do, you call it genteel and say you don't give a fuck.

Above was just for fun, lighten up!

Sonnet I

Alone in the darkest wood, sat my girl
and she would not nor could not decide how
to live life free of the snake's coiling curl,
an entwining entanglement somehow

ever present in all the world's little dangers.
But I said, "That means you must believe now"
and she said, "Mommy always talked to strangers."
Rigidly tiptoeing backwards through brown

eyed misgivings, ever ready to tear down
what was never built up, what was never
the story of a king clown wearing a frown.

The night knowingly hungers for her gown,
graceful in its attempt to down weather
her defenses defenseless, a lone town.


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