Saturday, December 29, 2012

Roll with It

Never tell anyone that you're
gonna do anything to really
give them any power over
you as they'll never let
up until you're dusted.

Never be the one who's
gonna roll over and just
let them do whatever
you wouldn't want
down the road.

Never trust those who're
gonna whore and run,
run with hair afire
around a bastille heart
and glide to forever,
desert everyone on islands
you can't hide transparency 

Never be the one,
gonna run,
make it up,
you, cravenly
cry, tumultuous. 

Never harken,
gonna carve up,
say all you can,
goodbye times five.

Never call out,
gonna run,
tell us if
a jumper can
lie inconsiderately
and calculate all heavy
hurt that deafens all around
you, angels of mercy, you. 


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