Tuesday, April 2, 2013

No Carbs for Old Men

Hunger, a burning legion of desire, 
amasses in my belly as it cries out 
for satiation. Denial 
is easier when it is of the truth 
and not of a biological need.
What's at stake? Mmmmm…
Steak. No, no. Think of health,
your health and survival. Fat,
slaughtered cow meat thinly 
sliced and exquisite then slathered
with horseradish atop a bun. Wheat
cracked and delicious, slightly sweet
like honey. Oh, my kingdom
for a sandwich! Look down though,
peep your gut as it sways pendulous,
a wrecking ball in a hurricane conjured
out of self-loathing and good ol' 'Merican
body dysmorphia. Losing weight, awaiting
a confirmation that we're all pretty.


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