Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lindsey Lee

Bamf! Like Nightcrawler, you just appeared in my life.
Well, without the purple light and smell of brimstone.

The new girl

on the scene in my 17th year back in the go-go 90s
and your newness had me keen. You’d left behind
a life of perhaps pristine prestige at Hamilton High,
a performing arts school where everyone left class
early to audition, and yet you locomoted back
to the motherland of surfers of a wavelorn beach,
teamster entitlements, and gangsta romanticism.

You came to Pedro like a college kid on winter break,
just visiting and knowing everything from being out
in the great wide open, away from the harbor. You
seemed like a Woman already and you made me
feel like a boy who wanted to be a man.

New Year’s Eve a year away from of a new millennium
and my folks had skipped town and I had what all
teenagers must have— a party. Do you remember
you and two other girls locking yourself in my room?
I’ve always wondered what you did in there. Not sure
that I should ever know.

You said I kept one of your poems. Here is one of mine.

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