Friday, September 4, 2009

Holy Fuck: A Fucker’s Prayer

There are no words other than Fuck,
a grandiose king is Fuck.

Decency: a propriety parapet against obscenity,
a less than great wall vaulted with ease by Fuck.

Reverie proclaimed on the tongue tips of whorish angels
and we say, “O, who is like you, our lord, our Fuck?”

Heavenly father, bestow upon us your kingdom,
give us our daily bred and our daily Fuck.

And we shall write upon our doorposts and gates,
enshrining the word, Fuck.

Master of the universe, bequeath your teachings
to those who don’t know Fuck.

Let swords be dulled into sex toys,
so all might feel the might of Fuck.

Let seas and legs be parted in the holy name,
the holiest of holies: Fuck.

Let Alan be a prophet unto believers in all things,
all things Fuck.

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