Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Drive In

8 red doors under a mosaic crucifix,
sacred heart nailed to wood flying

and burning red/yellow, red/yellow
like a phoenix. I saw them sleeping

smiling toothless on Phys Ed mats.
All right with being alive, OK? Okay

with 3rd and Junipero on any Sunday.
Drove past, away fast and clasped

the steering wheel hanging a louie.
Parked in the interior of Carroll Park.

Didn’t want to trudge by, upsetting
their sleeping. To my understanding,

there is some Romance in rationalities.
There has to be, that brand of Damage

makes a notch on us all
in gray moods
under trashcan lids. Fear of shag carpet

grouches, green like kindergarten yarn.
Agents of the economy coming to pod

people us into submission as serfs and
slaves. Paranoia helping to fuck up a

parking job. Walked the extra minutes
home, looking over both shoulders.

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