Thursday, February 24, 2011


I dreamt that I could see the universe through a crack in my ceiling.

Not just the night empyrean but actually as if I were floating

through space. A bold voyager, drifting in my bed

with eyes affixed upward, on equal footing with the stars.

There was no more sky only this blackness,

where color and lights were more vivid

as my apartment coasted like the USS Enterprise

with the bedroom as the bridge. Flying solo,

me as my own Mr. Sulu,

manning the navigational controls

through alternating listless and mesmerized gazes

at the vastness unknown, my hands were laying folded

near my solar plexus feeling the solar winds

off this universe’s sun pushing me onward

like a cosmic junk ship.

No need for warp drive, just glide and float forever.

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